You Are Not Worthless!

I saw a tweet yesterday morning from Paula White-Cain about how God will put people in your life who sees everything wrong about you but still think you are amazing. It got me to thinking about how we let Satan use people and situations to lie to us and tell us how worthless we are. I have news for you...You Are Not Worthless! You are an amazing child of the King, formed in His image, and created for a purpose! The enemy will try everything to take that away from you. He will use everything available to him to speak death into your life. The Bible says in James 4:7 that we have power over the devil. All we have to do is to resist the lies and all the death he is trying to speak into our life and he will flee from us. This is a promise of God! Stand strong! God has your back and you will overcome! All things are possible with God (Mark 9:23)!

God Bless!

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