The Fruit of the Spirit - Joy

This podcast is the fifth in a series on the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23 and this episode will focus on joy. We will learn the difference between Happy, Joy, and Rejoice and apply them to the scriptures.

*John 15:1-11 - These scriptures explain how we can have full joy in our lives by abiding in Jesus Christ. He says He is the vine and we are the branches. The branches can only survive and and have full life while connected to the vine just like we can only have full joy while connected to Jesus.

*John 17:11-3 - Here Jesus is praying prior to the crucifixion about His disciples. His prayer was that hey may experience his joy. I have included a link with the Amplified as it gives a further translation of these scriptures that is beneficial to us.

*Acts 16:16-26 - These scriptures discuss Paul and Silas being thrown in prison and how at midnight, during the darkest hours, the rejoiced (which is putting joy in action) and their bonds were broken.

*Isaiah 61:1-10 - Isaiah proclaims that God will give us a garment of praise for mourning and ends with telling us why this is. Verse 10 explains that God has given us salvation and for that we rejoice.

*Psalm 16:8-11


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