Job 1:1 - A Man That Feared God

Bible Study Notes - A Man That Feared God

Focus Scripture: Job 1:1

Tonight's topic was to differentiate between what we think of when we hear the word fear today and what fear meant in the context of Job 1:1. The fear we are most accustomed to deals with self preservation and is usually what we first think of when the word is mentioned. This type of fear causes us a physical reaction in us such as the release of adrenaline, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, jumbled thoughts, unusual sleep patterns, etc. This fear typically is to keep us or those closest to us from experiencing pain in some aspect.

*Numbers 13:1-3, 17-18, 25-33 & Numbers 14:1-11 - These scriptures tell the account of the children of Israel at their first encounter to Canaan. They were instructed to send one representative from each tribe into the land to observe what was there and bring back a report. After 40 days, they came back and began to tell the people all they had seen beginning with the abundance of food that was in the land. Then at verse 28 they hit a "nevertheless" and proceeded to tell about all that was not good. Fear had gripped their hearts when they saw how big or how strong the people of the land were. That fear then sowed seeds of doubt in their hearts that they could not overcome. Their fear then became contagious and spread throughout the congregation. Only Joshua and Caleb shunned the evil report and was prepared to go. Unfortunately, the congregation saw no way forward because of the fear and worried all night. They even proposed to go back to Egypt into bondage. The wrong kind of fear will hold you back from your destiny. It will prevent you from taking a step into the unknown and abundance and instead return you to what you know even if it is bondage.

*Dueteronomy 10:2-13 & 20-21 - As the second generation of the congregation was on the verge of entering Canaan, Moses began to prepare them. These specific verses give this generation instructions on some of the requirements to walk a life that fears God. These include to love and serve Him as well as keep His commandments

*Matthew 10:28 - This scripture warns us to not fear man but to instead fear God who has control of you eternal soul.

*Proverbs 29:25 - This scripture tells us if we allow the physical fear to grip us then we become trapped by it. If we trust in God instead, then He will keep us safe.

*Proverbs 9:10, 14:2, 14:16, 14:26-7 - These proverbs provide us with the benefits of living a life that fears God.

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